Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Cheongsam Dress

Cheongsam is the traditional costume for Chinese women in the ancient time. When it comes to the tradition, we will think of the feudal and conservative ideas, but the cheongsam’s came out that may a way to stand out women’s beauty. And China is a country which has a long history, while the cloth for women would also develop.

Cheongsam becomes a kind of fashion in the world, whether in fashion shows or on the streets, we will find this China character. Especially in the Chinese wedding, the bridal’s dress will include cheongsam. It is showing graciousness, elegant, disposition and temperament of women.

Cheongsam with the modern flavor emerge in the early of 20th century combined with the style of western dress and was regarded as the representation of Chinese traditional clothing. Popular in the 1930s and 1940s, cheongsam has been basically mature. And we know the Chinese dress now actually refer to this period. Cheongsam stems from a kind of long robe worn by both men and women of the north minority nationalities in China. In the past, the collar of the costume was made high and tight-fitting to keep warm. It has incorporated this feature, not just for preventing coldness but for beauty.

The collar generally takes the shape of a semicircle, the right and left sides being symmetrical, flattering the soft and slender neck of a woman. Also, against the woman's lips and chin, it brings out her sex appeal. The front of it is simple and flowing without any decoration, the designers should make the waist girth appear as thin as possible to represent the line of women. Two big openings should be done at either side of the hem for convenient movement and display of the slender legs of women.

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