Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lace Cheongsam

Lace Cheongsam - Qipao

In 1920's, Cheongsam was underwent the change with the influence of Beijing style and Western style. The modern version which slender, formed fitting with high cut of Cheongsam was first developed at Shanghai. The cuff of the Qipao changed to become narrower and trimmed with lace. Moreover, the length of Cheongsam was shorter and it showed the beauty of female body shape to be fully displayed. The Cheongsam was under the transformed from old Qipao style to suit the modernized style of dress and it continue became more popular among the Chinese women at the whole China.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Cheongsam designed in various styles and with variety of fabrics. The design style of Cheongsam changed to high-necked collar or even no collars, sleeveless design, short or medium sleeve and bell-like sleeves. These new design was changed the original basic Qipao style and was popular become a dress for high level society.

The everlasting of elegant Cheongsam are the main reason that helping the growth of Oriental Cheongsam. The variety and unique designs of Cheongsam turned into vogue now. Many of the Western designers also will include the elements of Cheongsam into their designs. You may search from online boutique to discover the latest designs and different variety design of collar, sleeves, length, slits, colours and materials.

Some of the online fashion store will provide the customized service but of course the price will be must higher with the ready stock online boutique. The most important is you need to find a suitable design of Cheongsam to fit right your body.

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