Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wedding Cheongsam

Wedding Cheongsam

Chinese weddings are rich with traditions, symbolism, and rituals. If you have Chinese heritage or are marrying a person who does, it would be wonderful to incorporate some Chinese wedding customs into your own special day. These are some tips on how to plan a beautiful East meets West wedding.

Unlike in America, white is not the dominant color in Chinese weddings. Red is the lucky color for Chinese brides and grooms, and this is a great place to begin with your East meets West celebration. Chinese brides will traditionally wear gorgeous red silk cheongsams for their weddings. These special long dresses are created from the most beautiful silk brocades, which are often adorned with patterns of flowers, birds, and other symbols.

Many Chinese-American brides will choose to wear the cheongsam during the ceremony, and then change to a classic white wedding gown and bridal jewelry for the reception (or vice versa).

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