Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red Cheongsam

Red Cheongsam

Do you really want to stand out from the rest at the next chinese formal event? If the answer is yes, then wearing a red cheongsam dress may be the way to accomplish this! The color red symbolizes confidence, energy and a certain amount of sexiness. Wearing a bold color like red requires a combination of attitude, finesse and the perfect accessories.

Be aware of the length and the cut. The biggest mistake that you can make in choosing a red cheongsam dress is in length and cut. If your dress is too short and too tight, you will look sleazy. This is true for any color dress, but it is even more true for a red cheongsam dress. When selecting your dress, choose either short or fitted, but not both. The most important tip to wearing a red cheongsam dress is to enjoy it.. You are bold, you are fierce and it's up to you to show it!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Men's Cheongsam

Men's Cheongsam

Men's Cheongsam, the newly found niche in men's fashion has stirred several questions. Does this means the revival of Chinese men's fashion? History shows that traditional Chinese back then wore Han Chinese clothing or hanfu. Then it became cheongsam or qipao. And as the world of fashion became more interconnected and the East meets West theme came about, fashion evolved much more. This piece of clothing proved to be versatile as it transformed plain-looking clothes into trendy and fashionable wear.

Cheongsam Wedding Dress

Cheongsam Wedding Dress

For a traditional bride who wants an Asian wedding dress it can be a daunting task to find one; you may have to order online and then find a seamstress to finish it to your personal specifications. Here are some interesting facts about the beautiful Asian wedding dresses..

Red is the traditional color of Asian bridal wear, the dresses are made of rich fabrics in bright colors and adorned with ornate embroidery and beading. The dresses are representative of traditional dresses worn by the brides of that culture. The Asian bride usually doesn't wear a veil that covers her face, instead an ornate headpieces is what they most often wear. While each Asian country has their own form of traditional dress and style they do all tend to be ornately detailed and use rich fabrics.

Cheongsam, a Southern Chinese bride, as is custom, wears a bright red dress in China this symbolizes luck. The Cheongsam is a two piece gown. It is embroidered with dragons and a phoenix and typically done for the most part in gold, the edges of the skirt and jacket usually have a gold trim also. The traditional bridal crown has beading and fabric balls on top, it's very ornate is often one of the most expensive pieces of the outfit.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lace Cheongsam

Lace Cheongsam - Qipao

In 1920's, Cheongsam was underwent the change with the influence of Beijing style and Western style. The modern version which slender, formed fitting with high cut of Cheongsam was first developed at Shanghai. The cuff of the Qipao changed to become narrower and trimmed with lace. Moreover, the length of Cheongsam was shorter and it showed the beauty of female body shape to be fully displayed. The Cheongsam was under the transformed from old Qipao style to suit the modernized style of dress and it continue became more popular among the Chinese women at the whole China.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Cheongsam designed in various styles and with variety of fabrics. The design style of Cheongsam changed to high-necked collar or even no collars, sleeveless design, short or medium sleeve and bell-like sleeves. These new design was changed the original basic Qipao style and was popular become a dress for high level society.

The everlasting of elegant Cheongsam are the main reason that helping the growth of Oriental Cheongsam. The variety and unique designs of Cheongsam turned into vogue now. Many of the Western designers also will include the elements of Cheongsam into their designs. You may search from online boutique to discover the latest designs and different variety design of collar, sleeves, length, slits, colours and materials.

Some of the online fashion store will provide the customized service but of course the price will be must higher with the ready stock online boutique. The most important is you need to find a suitable design of Cheongsam to fit right your body.

Plus Size Cheongsam

Plus Size Cheongsam

Being plus sized is not an excuse not to look your best and stand out in any occasion. A lot of full figured women are always anxious about the idea of dressing up in front of a big crowd, them afraid of being ridiculed by their body shape. Gone were the days when size mattered when it comes to fashion. Nowadays, there have been numerous collections and designer outfits that cater to women who have fuller figures. You need not worry about skipping events for fear of having nothing to wear. You can feel confident knowing that there are a lot of plus size cheongsam dresses that can help you look great in any occasion.

When choosing plus size cheongsam dresses, it is first important to determine exactly what type of event you are about to attend to. Once you are certain about the event that you will be going to, you must now focus on the shape of your body. We already know that you are full-figured, but that does not mean that you do not have a specific body shape. Bear in mind that when choosing the cheongsam dress, you must always go for something that will make you feel both stylish and comfortable. Make sure that regardless of your size, you will feel comfortable in what you wear.

If you feel uneasy about baring your arms, you might want to purchase a shawl to go along with your cheongsam dress. To look even more attractive, experiment with different accessories that will match your plus size cheongsam dress. The perfect accessories can turn any plus size cheongsam dress into an instance masterpiece.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Custom Cheongsam

Custom Cheongsam

The ancient Chinese people had very distinctive social classes. Each of these has specific styles and significance of dressing. Varied symbols are used on the clothing to distinguish between various strata of society. The ancient Chinese like cheongsam clothing has varied greatly throughout different periods of time. Each social or historical period brought about a new style.

The Cheongsam now is worn only at special occasions which are mostly historical reenactment, hobby, coming of rite of passage ceremonies, ceremonial clothing worn by religious priests, or cultural exercise. However, there are attempts on to try and make it a part of more day to day wear or at least during Chinese celebrations and festivals especially in China as well as among the non resident community.

Short Cheongsam

Short Cheongsam

Currently, one of the favorite trends that you may find appealing for your style is the short cheongsam dress. These short cheongsam dresses offered by numerous designers have a fun and flirty appeal to them. Instead of keeping a more formal or dressy style, these cheongsam dresses can be unique and fun. Short cheongsam may or may not be perfect for you, and there are a few things you will want to consider.

Shorter cheongsam dress will show a lot more leg. Some people may be uncomfortable with this. It is more important than anything else to make sure you choose a cheongsam dress with which you are comfortable. Otherwise, you could find your whole evening ruined. Make sure you can dance, sit and just stand just fine in your short cheongsam dress.

This way, you will know you can truly enjoy your day. Short cheongsam dresses are not necessarily for everyone. However, they are available in exciting styles and colors. They have a unique look that you will not find in classic styles. In addition, they are definitely in keeping with the current trends.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cotton Cheongsam

Cotton Cheongsam

Cotton cheongsam dresses have become wanted by all stylish women of all ages. In the right color, texture and style, with the right accessories, it can transition flawlessly from a day event to an evening with friends. Cotton cheongsam dresses are easy to care for. Most of them are wash and wear, and none are dry clean. Stains can easily be removed at home. Be it at work, for leisure, or for a more formal occasion, the sleeveless cotton cheongsam dress, is today a fine garment to wear. Accessories change a simple cotton cheongsam dress into a fine dress to wear to a special occasion, indoors or outdoors.

Fads and fashions come and go, but the cotton cheongsam dress has achieved recognition as a fine garment to have, not only because it is so easy to wear but also because Cotton Dresses do not have heavy seaming, they just flow without the pulling of heavy seams creating wrinkles, seldom have zippers, or finished in a way that makes them uncomfortable to wear, as a matter of fact, as they increase in popularity, so does their quality and simplicity of style.

Does anyone can wear a cotton cheongsam dress or age matters, of course, it does. Cotton cheongsam dresses are so versatile and so simply elegant in the right quality and the right style that chick women of any age can wear them, anywhere. anytime. Cotton cheongsam make the perfect fabric for all of those lovely cheongsam dresses that we so admire. Cotton carries its own weight when coupled with quality and a sense of style and elegance.

Cheongsam Sewing Pattern

Hong Kong Cheongsam

This classic exotic dress in two lengths is synonymous with Oriental elegance. Simple to sew, it has only two main pattern pieces and an appealing side front opening topped off with a mandarin collar. Pattern includes instructions for custom fitting and authentic embellishment. Pattern is for dress with facings at front opening, hem, and side slits.

Suggested fabrics: Light to medium-weight silk, lightweight brocade and jacquard weaves, satin, rayon or blends.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Blue Cheongsam

Blue Cheongsam

The cheongsam is a traditional dress worn by Chinese women, typified by a high collar, long length (mid calf usually) and button or frog closures near the shoulder. This fitted dress is often made up in shimmering silk, embroidered satin or other fabrics. Best on athletic or slim figures, the cheongsam is an acceptable alternative to the little dress for special occasions.

Blue is a favorite color of most of the women around the world. It has various shades such as sky blue, navy blue, dark blue, sea blue, and many others. All shades have their importance from the different perspectives of fashion. Blue cheongsam dress is a symbol of trend and style. In early times, blue was considered the color of purity, chastity and sacredness; this is why most brides on their weddings worn blue rather than white in the ancient times. It has been a fashion trend to wear blue cheongsam dresses to evening and afternoon parties, for a long time now. Women prefer blue because it is neither too bright like red nor too dark like black.

Every fashionable woman has at least one blue cheongsam dress in her wardrobe. When you are wearing your blue cheongsam, you can carry a small blue clutch purse with a little silver touch to offer uniqueness in your look. A touch of silver is always welcomed with blue!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cheap Cheongsam

Cheap Cheongsam

Nowadays cheongsam dresses are very exquisite as well as expensive. If you could not afford expensive dresses, you need to find some high quality cheongsam dresses that you can afford. Online stores always offer much cheaper prices than physical stores, so you can find some good dresses at online stores. There are some ways to help you find good cheongsam dresses online, and they will benefit you a lot.

If you don't want to buy dresses in these online stores, you can go to Ebay to find more cheap girls' clothing. As there are thousands of sellers, they have to sell products at lower prices to compete with other sellers. Customers can take advantage of the fierce competition so as to buy cheap products on Ebay. Key in your keywords in the search box at the top of the website, and they it will display a list of sellers who sell cheap cheongsam dresses. Compare different styles and prices, and then you can choose a cheap one with exquisite style and cheap price.

Cheongsam History

The cheongsam, or Qipao in Chinese, is evolved from a kind of ancient clothing of Manchu ethnic minority. In ancient times, it generally referred to long gowns worn by the people of Manchuria, Mongolia and the Eight-Banner.

In the early years of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), long gowns featured collarless, narrow cuff in the shape of a horse's hoof, buttons down the left front, four slits and a fitting waist. Wearers usually coiled up their cuff, and put it down when hunting or battling to cover the back of hand. In winter, the cuff could serve to prevent cold. The gown had four slits, with one on the left, right, front and back, which reached the knees. It was fitted to the body and rather warm. Fastened with a waistband, the long gown could hold solid food and utensils when people went out hunting. Men's long gowns were mostly blue, gray or green; and women's, white.

Another feature of Manchu cheongsam was that people generally wore it plus a waistcoat that was either with buttons down the front, a twisted front, or a front in the shape of lute, etc.

When the early Manchu rulers came to China proper, they moved their capital to Beijing and cheongsam began to spread in the Central Plains. The Qing Dynasty unified China, and unified the nationwide costume as well. At that time, men wore a long gown and a mandarin jacket over the gown, while women wore cheongsam. Although the 1911 Revolution toppled the rule of the Qing (Manchu) Dynasty, the female dress survived the political change and, with succeeding improvements, has become the traditional dress for Chinese women.

Till the 1930s, Manchu people, no matter male or female, all wore loose-fitting and straight-bottomed broad-sleeved long gowns with a wide front. The lower hem of women's cheongsam reached the calves with embroidered flower patterns on it, while that of men's cheongsam reached the ankles and had no decorative patterns.

From the 1930s, cheongsam almost became the uniform for women. Folk women, students, workers and highest-tone women all dressed themselves in cheongsam, which even became a formal suit for occasions of social intercourses or diplomatic activities. Later, cheongsam even spread to foreign countries and became the favorite of foreign females.

After the 1940s, influenced by new fashion home and abroad, Manchu men's cheongsam was phased out, while women's cheongsam became narrow-sleeved and fitted to the waist and had a relatively loose hip part, and its lower hem reached the ankles. Then there emerge various forms of cheongsams we see today that emphasize color decoration and set off the beauty of the female shape.

Why do Han people like to wear the cheongsam? The main reason is that it fits well the female Chinese figure, has simple lines and looks elegant. What's more, it is suitable for wearing in all seasons by old and young.

The cheongsam can either be long or short, unlined or interlined, woolen or made of silk floss. Besides, with different materials, the cheongsam presents different styles. Cheongsams made of silk with patterns of flowerlet, plain lattices or thin lines demonstrate charm of femininity and staidness; those made of brocade are eye-catching and magnificent and suitable for occasions of greeting guests and attending banquets.

When Chinese cheongsams were exhibited for sales in countries like Japan and France, they received warm welcome from local women, who did not hesitate to buy Chinese cheongsams especially those top-notch ones made of black velour interlined with or carved with golden flowers. Cheongsam features strong national flavor and embodies beauty of Chinese traditional costume. It not only represents Chinese female costume but also becomes a symbol of the oriental traditional costume.